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Gonal f Or Follistim
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Medical Information about Follitropin alfa-beta :

Prsecription Medication Containing Follitropin alfa-beta:

buy Follistim, buy Gonal f,

Medical Conditions related to Follitropin alfa-beta:

FOLLITROPIN ALFA-BETA Generic Chemical is related to

The above medical conditions apply to : Follistim,Follistim aq,Gonal-f,Gonal-f rff, and Gonal-f rff pen

Follitropin alfa-beta Indications :

Stimulation of follicular development and ovulation in who group II for women. Stimulation of multy follicular development in patient undergoing superovulation for assisted reproductive technologies

Known Names For Follitropin alfa-beta medications :

Nature’s most beautiful gift to a couple is their own creation of love which starts taking the form as soon as the woman conceives. Blessed are the ones who do not have to go through any kind of hurdles in the process. To them the entire experience is a collection of wonderful episodes. Unfortunately, there are not so lucky couples who face the imprecation of infertility.

Infertility is the incapacity of a couple to bear its progeny. This could be because of both or either of the partner’s inability to reproduce. The best course of action in such a condition would be to consult a doctor and get a proper diagnosis through tests etc. to identify the real cause. Mostly, it has been found that an inadequacy of FSH or follicle stimulating hormone is the chief culprit that contributes in incapacitating both male and female to reproduce. In male it reduces the sperm meiosis and in female effects the ovulation, which in turn reduces the capacity to reproduce therefore, making it critical in the process of fertilisation.

These days there are synthetic substitutes of FSH available in the market. ‘Gonal- F’ Injections are one of the most popular clinically proven drugsthat have a high success rate. They have become the preferred choice as a substitute to FSH in treating infertility. Gonal- F contains a unique composition,containing ‘Follitropin Alfa’ – a direct synthetic version of natural sex hormone- FSH, which affects the male testosterone and female ovaries directly contributing to its proper function. Due to its success rate, it is one of the most highlyrecommended medications by the doctors & experts in treating infertility worldwide. The starting range of Gonal -F medicine is from 285 for the 450IU, 190 of the 300IU,and  570 of the 900IU.

You can Buy Gonal-F online by simply logging into Isrameds and reaching the section for this particular drug.However, it is important that you Buy Gonal-F only after you get to know the proper information about the medicine.

You must buy Gonal-F online only after a lot of scrutiny in order to make a safe and secure deal. A lot of tests are to be performed before a patient can be given Gonal-F or for that matter any hormonal drug to induce the production of the gametes. A few tests like the hormone levels in blood and the follicle growth in patients is necessary to conclude in order to find whetherthe patient is fit to be administered with the drug. There are many points that you should consider before you buy Gonal-F. It is always necessary to consult a doctor before you buy Gonal-F.

A few cases where you should not buy Gonal f or give it to a patient are as follows-

  • Primary ovarian failure or primary testicular failure or
  • The patient has ovarian enlargement except due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Gonal-F pen is one of the best methods for self-administering Gonal-F. When you are looking to Buy Gonal-F pen,you should know that it is a device which can be used with a pre-mixed vial of Gonal-F solution to administer the medicine with ease and without causing discomfort to the patient. The entire package comes with a pen which has a one touch button to adjust the dosage required each time so that it can accurately inject just the required amount of the drug from the Gonal-Fcartridge. You can buy Gonal-Fpen from Isrameds. However, before you buy Gonal-F pen make sure that you visit a doctor and ask him to give a demonstration.

The package also comes with a BD micro fine needle which is to be attached to the pen once the cartridge is inserted into the pen. The required dose should be selected and the pen then injects the required amount. Once opened the Gonal fpen can be used for a maximum of 28 days if stored at a temperature of 20-80 Celsius. The medicine should not be frozen but kept under refrigeration for optimum results. It is suggested to buy gonal-f® rff pen online from Isramedsas you can get these easily at cheap rates.

When you decide to Buy Gonal-F online no prescription may be required at certain stores to place your order. However, before making the purchase, you should be sure about thedosage and different side effects associated with the drug.Nevertheless, it is always advice worthy to consult to a doctor first and get your drug prescribed by him. You shouldknow that if you are being given a facility to buy drugs like thiswithout any prescription, then there are always chances of you being duped by oneagency or the other. You could end up being scammed or with fake drugs that could put your life at risk. So buy from a reputed online pharmacy like Isrameds where you get drugs only on presenting a valid prescription.

Many reputed and trusted online stores sell Gonal-F on permission and have approval from the FDA. To Purchase Gonal-F online from Isrameds you will be required to produce a valid prescription signed by a registered medical practitioner/Pharmacist. Moreover, many online drug stores give discount coupons which can be redeemed for discounts to purchase Gonal-F. Customers who value their privacy have the best option of purchasing Gonal-F online from the comfort of their home without having to go to the drug stores. The Isrameds online pharmacy offers home delivery options to you at no extra charge.

Gonal-F injections are usually given to the patient subcutaneously that is, injecting it directly under the patient’s skin. Once you buy Gonal-F injection, it can also be administered by direct injection into the muscles. However, the former is a better option as it is easily absorbed when injected under the skin but it is up to the doctor or a fertility expert to decide which way the injection is to be given. Under no circumstance, should patients receiveit without the doctor’s guidelines. In addition, different drugs of the same generic type have different dosages,so they should not be used interchangeably without the doctor’s permission. The instructions for use provided on the package should be strictly followed. You can buy Gonal-Finjection from Isramedsat cheap rates. But you must buy Gonal-Finjection only if you have sound knowledge about it.

If you want to know about the cheapest place buy Gonal-F at Isrameds because it is the right place for you. Many online medicine stores also sell Gonal-F at a cheap price buy you should always buy Gonal-F cheap from a specialty drug store such as Isrameds which sell drugs mainly for fertility treatments rather than buying them off local drug stores. Most fertility clinics and drug manufacturers are associated in pacts with these stores which compete with others and thus enable you to buy Gonal-F cheap. Customers who cannot locate these stores in their areas can consult their fertility clinics for assistance. If the medicine is not available at a particular store, then Isrameds even offers the facility of ordering the medicine according to the customer’s requirement from other branches.

Since Gonal-F is a very popularly used drug, it is very easily available. Customers should be careful before buying cheap Gonal-F as fake or under quality drugs can be sold off for a cheap price under the brand name.

Buy Gonal f Gonal-f Indication

Gonal-f Cost

Gonal-f Coupons

Gonal-f Dosage

Gonal-f Drug

Gonal-f Drug Reaction

Gonal-f Information

Gonal-f Intake Guid Lines

Gonal-f Generic

Gonal-f Missed Dose

Gonal-f Over Dose

Gonal-f Warnings

Gonal-f Side Effects


Information of Gonal-f medication is available for you below, Our pharmacy would like to ensure you would know as much as possible before you buy Gonal-f drug.

Gonal-f Coupons:

Our pharmacy would like to help you save on your Gonal-f costs please consider Gonal-f coupon plan.

Gonal-f Dosage:

NameGeneric ChemicalGonal-f DosagesGonal-f QuantitiesGonal-f FormGonal-f ManufacturersGonal-f Cost
Gonal-fFollitropin alfa-beta150 IU/VIALEmd seronoBuy Gonal-f 150 IU/VIAL
Gonal-fFollitropin alfa-beta37.5 IU/VIALEmd seronoBuy Gonal-f 37.5 IU/VIAL

Gonal-f Drug:

Gonal-f is a prescriptions drug, and only with a valid Gonal-f prescription it is possiable for our pharmacy to dispense.

Gonal-f Drug Reaction:

Your Gonal-f should be used as prescribed by your physician, make sure your consuming Gonal-f as prescribed, up to 10 precent of medication might cause a negative drug reaction that one person might suffer from and the other won't , if you feel any negative drug reaction from Gonal-f contact you care taking physicain at once.

Gonal-f Information:

Follitropin alfa-beta is the active ingredient of Gonal-f , The US and Canadian version of Gonal-f are manufactured by Emd serono.

Gonal-f Intake Guid Lines:

Gonal-f way of Administration beneath the skin- hypodermic. synonymous with the term subdermal. ,contact your physician or refer to Gonal-f leaflet for best the best intake guidelines.

Gonal-f Generic:

Gonal-f generic chemical is Follitropin alfa-beta

Gonal-f Missed Dose:

Missing a dose of Gonal-f should be a voided if possiable, if you have missed a dose refer to Gonal-f package inserts for best inforamtion and consult you physician.

Gonal-f Over Dose:

Gonal-f should be consumed as prescribed make sure you folloew all the prescription intake guide lines , in case of an overdose from Gonal-f seek medical advice in Gonal-f package insert and contact your physician at once.

Gonal-f Warnings:

Follow all prescribed information for Gonal-f, each person has its own intake guidelines and you must follow whatever your physician direted you to do, avoid discomfort ,allergies and overdoses by following exactly how your physician directed you to consum your Gonal-f medication, if you don't remember how to take your prescription medication please contact your physician to understand how he wanted you to use it.

Gonal-f Side Effects:

Like any medication Gonal-f may cause side effects in a preson depending on the person's age, disease state , gender and general health, Due to Follitropin alfa-beta's dosage changes (increasing Gonal-f dosage or decreasing Gonal-f dosage and even ending Gonal-f treatment) Gonal-f side effects may occur, DO Not change Gonal-f intake dosages consumption on your own judgement, To avoide basic Gonal-f side effects maintain a proper Follitropin alfa-beta diet, do not consum any contra indicated types of food thatthat may cause side effect with Gonal-f, Your best source of information would be you physicain , incase of any doubts contact him/her to have better understanding on how to avoid some of Gonal-f's side effects.

Our highest priority is your satisfaction, our pharmacy have a satisfaction guarantee policy, before you buy Gonal-f make sure you are buying from a well known pharmacy.

Gonal-f is related to medical conditions

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Follistim is amedication which is prepared from human hormones  and is indicated in patients who have a relatively compromised reproductive system. The drug works by stimulating the growth of follicles for ovulation in women who are not naturallyable to do so. Follitism is basically derived from ‘the human Follicle Stimulating hormone’ or FSH. Another similarly actinghormone, is  (LH) or Luteinizing hormone. These are Gonadotropins which occur naturally in the human body. These hormones, as indicated by the name, act as stimulaters on the gonads or the sex organs.

Those looking to buy Follistim would know that this is used to treat women who are infertile, that is, incapable of producing mature eggs naturally. FSH thus acts as a substitute during treatments for infertility. The ovaries are stimulated by the action of FSH which enables the production of ova. Men benefit from the same treatment as well. In case of men, the action of FSH and LH is to induce production of sperms.  When you buy Follistim for the treatment of infertility, it is usually used in combination with (GnRH) or Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone in order to facilitate the treatment.

The other set of hormones that keep the functioning of the reproductive system normal, are progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Along with these, the naturally occurring hormones-Gonadtropin Releasing Hormone, Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone –act together for the proper functioning of the human reproductive system.The anterior section of the pituitary gland is the site for the production of LH and FSH which are produced by the gonadotropes cells in the gland; whereas GnRH is produced in the hypothalamus region. In actuality, the secretion of these two hormones is induced by GnRH.

A number of tests must be performed before you buy Follistim or any other hormonal treatment to stimulate the organs to produce enough gametes for fertilization. For example, hormonal levels in the blood, specially that of FSH and LHin patients is crucial in determining whether the patient should undergo the treatment at all or not. Those who are looking for this product also have the option to buy Follistim online from Isrameds. When you buy Follistim onlinefrom Isrameds you can end up saving a lot more money than you would on buying from a physical store.

You must not buy Follistim in the following cases -

  • Primary testicular failure or primary ovarian failure.The desired action of Follistim in this case will not take place as the natural ability of producing sperms/eggs is lost.
  • If the woman thinks she is pregnant or that she might actually be pregnant. Pregnancy tests are conducted to ascertain this possibility. The use of Follistim may lead to miscarriage or anomalies of the fetus.
  • Except in the case of (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the treatment cannot be carried out if there is an enlargement of the ovaries..
  • In known cases of any kind of cancer in either the woman or the man, e.g. in the uterus, breast, ovaries or testes. In primary or secondary stages of cancer,  theFSH treatment is not a good optiontherefore there generally is no need to buy Follistim.

Follistim is an artificial Follicle Stimulating Hormone meant for treating  infertility; it is an injectable drug that is produced by applying recombinant technologies of DNA. It is normally available in 900 IU, 600 IU and 300 IU in vials.However the use of Follistim pens, enable the administration of Follistim 50 or as prescribed by the doctor. You can buy Follistim at Isrameds especially if quality and time are your prime concerns..

Different patients are prescribed different dosages of Follistim depending on their individual needs and compliance as confirmed by the tests. The Follistim vials are of varied strengths of (IU) International Units. One of these is the 300 IU Follistim. A woman needing 150 IU can use it twice if so prescribed by using the Follistim pen.Buy Follistim 300 from Isrameds only after consulting with your physician/Pharmacist as you would need to present a valid prescription before you can place your order.

In case of (ART) or assisted Reproductive Technologies, 600 IU dosage of Follistim is required. The same high dose is needed for men for impaired spermatogenesis. Normally about 225 IU are needed every day. However, since the vials are available in values of  600 IU , it is a better option to buy Follistim 600 and use the pen to administer the required dose.

Those patients who need higher dosages of Follistim can buy larger units of the drug. Especially in patients undergoing IVF or In Vitro Fertilization, can opt for bulk purchase of the Follistim 900 IU which is more economical. The dosage for both male and female patients can be adjusted accordingly by using the Follistim pen.Buy Follistim 900 from Isrameds and you would surely make it easy to solve your problem of infertility.

Follistim pen is perhaps the best way for self administration of Follistim. If you buy Follistim penyou can use it to inject a prepared vial of Follistim AQ solvent, easily and will not give any kind of discomfort to minimum discomfort for the person. When you buy Follistim pen, the package contains a pen with a touch button that is meant for adjusting the dose needed every time to measure the injection amount accurately and withdraw the same from the Follistim AQ Cartridge. The pack also contains a micro fine BD needle which must be attached to the Follistim pen, when the cartridge is to be inserted to withdraw the amount needed. Once you purchaseFollistim pen,it may be used for not more than 28 days and should be stored between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. It is advisable to keep the medicine under normal refrigeration temperatures butand not to be frozen.

The preliminary dosage is 75 IU for women who bu yFollistimAQ to induce the stimulation of follicles for the initial seven days.The dose is then increased by 25 to 50 IU each week gradually  as required. The changes in this process have to be reported to the doctor and closely monitored to gain optimum results.Those women who undergo ART or Assisted Reproductive Technique, Follistim AQ doses are higher in the initial four days; about 150 IU to 225 IU each day. A pre-treatment with (hCG) or human Chorionic Gonadotropin is needed in the case of men who require induction of spermatogenesis prior to using Follistim AQ. You should visit and consult with your doctor prior to buy Follistim AQ.

TFollistim AQ cartridge doses are administered under three different situations. First, in women who wish to induce oogenesis; next, in men who wish to enhance the process of spermatogenesis; and finally, for women who want to have(ARTs) or Assisted Reproductive Techniques. The required doseis 75 (IU) or International Units ; even  more per day for the initial seven days for those women who wish to induce oogenesis; for the initial four days, it is 150 IU to 225 IU for those women who wish to have ART. When you buy Follistim AQ Cartridge online, you are very much likely to save a large sum of your money.

There are many trusted online stores that sell Follistim but when you are looking to buy online, then Isrameds would be your best option. If you want to purchase Follistim from Isrameds you would normally require a doctor’s prescription duly signed by a licensed and registered medical professional/Phamracist. It is only then that the transaction will be undertaken by Isrameds and the drug will be delivered to you. Several online stores, offer discount coupons which can be redeemed when you purchase Follistim online.Those clients or patients, for whom maintaining privacy is an important issue,purchasing Follistim online is the most desirable option. Drugs are home delivered usuallywithin a few days at no extra cost. 

Follistim injections are normally administered under the skin surface or what a doctor may call as subcutaneous administration. Once you buy Follistim injection,it may also be given by intramuscular administration. The former however, is a more desirable option as the solution  is readily absorbed when given beneath the skin; however, the doctor or an expert in fertility treatments is the one who takes a call on this matter. At no point in time should the drugs be mixed and matched with any other fertility medication without the doctor’s prescription. Caution should be strictly exercised in terms of dosage, site of injection and time of administration of Follistim injection. Do not buy Follistim Injection if you see a even a slight change in the solution or the powderas it can threat your life seriously

Follistim is quite easily available in a number of places both physical and online stores..However, quite a few online storesactually allow customers to buy Follistim cheap;but their reliability may be in question. Nevertheless, at Isrameds we assure you a well discounted priceand quality together in a single package. Isrameds has time and again proved to be the cheapest place to buy Follistim and are thus able to offer cheap-pricedFollistim.Those clients who are unable to locate the stores in their own areas may personally consult the clinics which they visit and then place an order atIsrameds.

Since Follistim is very popular and a commonly used replacement for FSH, it is readily available in the market. However, customers should take care to ensure that the cheap-priced Follistim is authentic and not fake.Buy Follistim Cheap from Isrameds so that you do not compromise on the quality in any way.

Buy Follistim Follistim Indication

Follistim Cost

Follistim Coupons

Follistim Dosage

Follistim Drug

Follistim Drug Reaction

Follistim Information

Follistim Intake Guid Lines

Follistim Generic

Follistim Missed Dose

Follistim Over Dose

Follistim Warnings

Follistim Side Effects


For your Convinience below you will find information From our pharmacists about Follistim please read it Before you buy Follistim prescription medication.

Follistim Coupons:

To save even more on Follistim Medication our pharmacy have a coupon plan for Follistim drug.

Follistim Dosage:

NameGeneric ChemicalFollistim DosagesFollistim QuantitiesFollistim FormFollistim ManufacturersFollistim Cost
FollistimFollitropin alfa-beta75 IU/VIAL5INJECTABLEOrganon usa incBuy Follistim 75 IU/VIAL
FollistimFollitropin alfa-beta75 IU/VIAL10INJECTABLEOrganon usa incBuy Follistim 75 IU/VIAL
FollistimFollitropin alfa-beta75 IU/VIAL10INJECTABLEOrganon usa incBuy Follistim 75 IU/VIAL
FollistimFollitropin alfa-beta75 IU/VIAL1INJECTABLEOrganon usa incBuy Follistim 75 IU/VIAL
FollistimFollitropin alfa-beta150 IU/VIALOrganon usa incBuy Follistim 150 IU/VIAL

Follistim Drug:

Follistim drug is a prescription medication, our pharmacy will NOT dispense it without a Follistim drug valid prescription.

Follistim Drug Reaction:

please consider that Follistim drug reaction is possiable like all medications, 5% to 10% of drug reactions are allergic. Consome your Follistim medication exactly as prescribed by your physicain, in any case you suspect any negative drug reaction because of consuming Follistim , contact your physician ASAP and seek medical help.

Follistim Information:

Organon usa inc is the US and Canadian Sponsor applicant by the fda and the manufacturer of Follistim, Follitropin alfa-beta which is the active ingredient for Follistim .

Follistim Intake Guid Lines:

in referce for Follistim intake guidelines it recommended to use Follistim booklet or to seek reference with your physician, Normaly Follistim Administration within a muscle. or administration beneath the skin- hypodermic. synonymous with the term subdermal.

Follistim Generic:

Follitropin alfa-beta is the active ingredient in Follistim

Follistim Missed Dose:

In case of Follistim missed dose it is recommend to seek for medical guidence, or contact your Follistim health caretaker.

Follistim Over Dose:

Physicians write on your prsecription all intake guidlines for Follistim , in case of an overdose from Follistim refer to your medical health caretaker and your responisible physician

Follistim Warnings:

Miss use of medication could vary from a small allergy to a major deterioration in genral health, please follow the physician prescription for your Follistim to avoid unnecessary harmful side effects, use your medication exactly as prescribed, if for any reason your are not confident on how you suppose to use your Follistim drug , contact your Follistim's health caretaker or your physician to remind you how to use it.

Follistim Side Effects:

Like any medication Follistim may cause side effects in a preson depending on the person's age, disease state , gender and general health, Due to Follitropin alfa-beta's dosage changes (increasing Follistim dosage or decreasing Follistim dosage and even ending Follistim treatment) Follistim side effects may occur, DO Not change Follistim intake dosages consumption on your own judgement, To avoide basic Follistim side effects maintain a proper Follitropin alfa-beta diet, do not consum any contra indicated types of food thatthat may cause side effect with Follistim, Your best source of information would be you physicain , incase of any doubts contact him/her to have better understanding on how to avoid some of Follistim's side effects.

Our highest priority is your satisfaction, our pharmacy have a satisfaction guarantee policy, before you buy Follistim make sure you are buying from a well known pharmacy.

Follistim is related to medical conditions

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