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Medical Information about Filgrastim :

Prsecription Medication Containing Filgrastim:

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Medical Conditions related to Filgrastim:

FILGRASTIM Generic Chemical is related to
Aplastic Anemia , Bone Marrow Transplantation , Sepsis ,
The above medical conditions apply to : and Neupogen

Filgrastim Indications :

Reduction in the duration and severity of neutropenia in patients treated with highly myelosuppressive chemotherapy for malignancy (with the exception of chronic myeloid leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndromes ). - Reduction in the duration of neutropenia in patients undergoing high-dose cytotoxic chemotherapy followed by bone marrow transplantation. - In children or adults with severe congenital neutropenia cyclic neutropenia or idiopathic neutropenia a history of clinically important infections within the last 12 months and three documented episodes of neutropenia (with an ANC< 5 x 1000000000) long-term administration of and Neupogen are all indicated to increase neutrophil counts and to reduce infections. - and Neupogen are all indicated for the mobilisation of autologous peripheral blood progenitor cells alone or following myelosuppressive chemotherapy and the mobilisation of peripheral blood progenitor cells in normal donors (allogeneic PBPC).

Known Names For Filgrastim medications :

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Neupogen Drug

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Neupogen Side Effects


For your Convinience below you will find information From our pharmacists about Neupogen please read it Before you buy Neupogen prescription medication.

Neupogen Coupons:

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Neupogen Dosage:

NameGeneric ChemicalNeupogen DosagesNeupogen QuantitiesNeupogen FormNeupogen ManufacturersNeupogen Cost
NeupogenFilgrastim300MCG/1ML5VIALNBuy Neupogen 300MCG/1ML
NeupogenFilgrastim480MCG/1.6MLNBuy Neupogen 480MCG/1.6ML
NeupogenFilgrastim300MGC/0.5MLNBuy Neupogen 300MGC/0.5ML
NeupogenFilgrastim480MCG/0.8ML1SYRINGENBuy Neupogen 480MCG/0.8ML

Neupogen Drug:

Neupogen drug is a prescription medication, our pharmacy will NOT dispense it without a Neupogen drug valid prescription.

Neupogen Drug Reaction:

People reacts to medications differently, A person may suffer from a rash while taking a certain medication, yet another person on a similar drug may have no reaction what so ever. All medications and Neupogen included might have a potential to cause drug reaction, Yet only about 10% of reactions to drugs are allergic. Allergic or not, drug reactions can vary from subtle to life-threatening.Take all your medications exactly as your physician prescribed it and guided your.If you suspect a drug allergy has occurred, Contact your physician as soon as possiable. In case of severe symptoms seek medical help at once.

Neupogen Information:

Neupogen is generaly used for Aplastic Anemia , Bone Marrow Transplantation , Sepsis , , , the active ingredint in Neupogen is Filgrastim , N is the Canadian and US manufaturer.

Neupogen Intake Guid Lines:

Neupogen booklet and your physician is the best reference for Neupogen intake guidelines, yet the general use of Neupogen is .

Neupogen Generic:

Filgrastim is the active ingredient in Neupogen

Neupogen Missed Dose:

For best refernce regarding a missed dose of Neupogen contact your health CareTaker or your physician at once for medical guidence.

Neupogen Over Dose:

Avoid an overdose from Neupogen by reading carefully the prescription wirtten by your physician, in case you over dosed from Neupogen contact your physician and refer to Neupogen package insert as soon as possible.

Neupogen Warnings:

Consum your Neupogen drug exactly as your pysician prescribed, if you are not sure on how you are directed to use Neupogen, refer to your health caretaker and your physician, protect yourself from allergies,overdoses and missed uses, if you will use Neupogen not as prescribed you will not reach the full potential of treating your medical condition properly.

Neupogen Side Effects:

In order to minimize Neupogen medication side effects, first , Neupogen should be consumed with a daily propper diet that wouldn't contra-indicate with it, Whenever decreasing or increasing Neupogen dosages side effects can occur yet it mary vary to a persons ethnicity, general health state and the Aplastic Anemia , Bone Marrow Transplantation , Sepsis , disease state.A Filgrastim or Neupogen side effect is considerd as a negative secondary effect that happens in addition to the possitive effects of Neupogen

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Neupogen is related to Aplastic Anemia , Bone Marrow Transplantation , Sepsis , medical conditions

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